Mechanism bounds into Spring with savings

April 15th is upon us and those of us who are responsible adults will probably have to file our taxes to see if we’re going to reclaim money we’ve overpaid to the government. Some of us will see that check and splurge on something. Well if you’re a PC gamer who’s always on the go surely you’ll have invested in a portable PC like a Steam Deck, Rog Ally, or if you’re a bonafide console warrior, a PlayStation Portal. These devices are great on the go, but sometimes you want to be able to set it on a table, thankfully the team at Mechanism with their “mate” system will allow you to attach a stand or even mount the devices onto walls, monitors stands or any flat surface. I use and love the versatility of the system, so I’m glad to see the company is running a sale that hopefully will see their product spread further!

From April 11th to the 18th, select bundles on their site are Buy 1 and Get 1 free. Get one for you, and one for your friend! Get 2 bundles for yourself, if you’re one of those people with too much disposable income and have multiple of these handheld gaming PCs. The possibilities are endless (Ok, maybe plentiful…)!

You can view the bundles that qualify for this sale via this link here.