Star Racer zeros in on the futuristic racing genre thanks to Steam Early Access

We can’t explicitly say Nintendo has abandoned F-Zero (I mean F-Zero 99 is technically a thing…), but let’s just say they haven’t exactly utilized the IP to its fullest. Thankfully with the indie development, underserved fanbases can find a game inspired by their neglected IPs.

Whatnot Games (no relation to that online auction app…I assume) is bringing futuristic hover racing to Steam thanks to Early Access! The game will take players across the galaxy with a wide range of environments and biomes that feature hazards such as ice patches, lava pits and even mines. You can participate in Grand Prix solo or with other human players. Choose one of twenty vehicles and grab that checkered flag.

If the courses that game comes with doesn’t challenge you enough, build your own in that game’s track builder. Whether you want a simple oval, or a course that will make racers sweat, the choice is yours! One hopes that the game will feature an ability to share your track cause what’s the point of making a masterpiece if you’re the only one that can view it.

For those attending GDC, the Whatnot Games team will be attending and showcasing Star Racer at the annual conference for game developers. So if you’re not sold on the concept you give it a test drive in San Francisco.

Star Racer is available now via Steam Early Access on PC.

Star Racer Early Access Launch Trailer:

Star Racer Early Access Launch Trailer

Star Racer screens: