Another mini console (computer?) enters the fray as the Atari 400 experiences shrinkage!

I might be old, but not old enough to have experienced all of video gaming, case in point I have no idea what the Atari 400 is, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Atari has released a modernized replica of the revolutionary computer in the form of the The 400 Mini.

To celebrate the launch of this mini-computer, Plaion and Retro Games Ltd. teased that the hardware hides an easter egg implying the device will have more than just the 25 games that have been advertised to be built into the system. The 400 mini contains a lot of the features that other mini-consoles have such as hdmi output, usb controllers, but one feature raised my eyebrows. The ability to load your own games via usb. It’s certainly nice to be able to add games to the mini-console without have to wait for some intrepid developer to come out with an aftermarket method to add games…so kudos to the team at Plaion and Retro Games Ltd. for making this consumer friendly feature available on the 400 Mini.

Here’s the full list of games which I had to cull from this article as the official Atari store listing didn’t offer it.

  • Basketball (1979)
  • Asteroids (1981)
  • Centipede (1981)
  • Missile Command (1981)
  • Miner 2049ier (1982)
  • Berzerk (1983)
  • Bristles (1983)
  • Capture the Flag (1983)
  • Encounter! (1983)
  • Flip and Flap (1983)
  • M.U.L.E. (1983)
  • O’Reily’s Mine (1983)
  • Wavy Navy (1983)
  • Hover Bover (1984)
  • Lee (1984)
  • Millipede (1984)
  • The Seven Cities of Gold (1984)
  • Boulder Dash (1985)
  • ElektraGlide (1985)
  • Battlezone (1987)
  • Henry’s House (1987)
  • Star Raiders II (1987)
  • Airball (1988)
  • Crystal Castles (1988)
  • Yoomp! (2007)
THE400 Mini - Launch Trailer [ESRB]

The device launched today is available on, so if you’re old enough to remember this one, you might want to pick this up!

THE400 Mini

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