Unleash the Dragon with these tokidoki X GUNNAR Optiks Year of the Dragon frames!

All your senses are precious, but if there was one that I can’t do without it would probably be sight. So with all the screens we’re looking at in our busy lives, both at work and at play…why not utilize something to protect those eyes you’ve got, after all it’s the only pair you got (unless you know something I don’t know.).

With that said the folks at Gunnar Optiks are launching a new set of frames to help celebrate a holiday that was never held on the same date (Thanks to the differences between the Roman and the Lunar Calendar). Now they have teamed up with famed lifestyle brand tokidoki to celebrate the year of the Dragon!

Each pair comes with a metal and acetate frame with the tokidoki name embossed on the temple and the brand’s heart and crossbone logo on the temple tip. The lenses are cat’s eye in shape, available in 2 finishes (tinted and clear) and utilizes the company’s patented G-Shield lens coating  to ensure it’s anti-reflective and smudge resistant. Hopefully this means you won’t have to sully that collectible microfiber cloth adorned with an exclusive tokidoki image this pair of frames comes with!

The frames are set for a limited run, but perhaps if you’re not born in the year of the Dragon (Year of the Rooster…cock-a-doodle-do!), Gunnar offers plenty of stylish frames with collaborations with other recognizable brands such as Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Marvel. So peruse their catalog, pick up a pair and protect your peepers today!

The tokidoki X Gunnar frames are available now directly from the Gunnar Optiks as well as the tokidoki website.