PlayStation Studios announces 8% workforce reduction

Layoffs…they’re never a fun topic to tackle, but they’re an unfortunate part of life. In a sober post that appeared on the Sony Interactive Entertainment blog, head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst announced that PlayStation Studios is re-evaluating its headcount and will be shedding 900 positions, approximately 8% of its workforce.

While Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Guerrilla, and Firesprite are some of the studios that will be affected, the London Studio will feel the brunt of it as the studio will shut down as a result of this action. While not tied to a specific studio the creatives, technology, and support teams will also see losses.

Hulst’s post reiterated that changes in the current environment forced the company’s hand in re-evaluating its overhead. After several acquisitions there were bound to be redundancies that could be pruned and I guess that sheering finally happened. As the days pass, I’m sure we’ll find out what projects got shuttered because of today’s actions. (We’ve already gotten word that a live-service Twisted Metal title was canned as a result.)

As someone who has been caught in a layoff, I do have sympathy for those affected. While getting tossed from what very well might be your dream job, it’s not the end. You can find both financial and mental stability at companies whose names might not even register in the minds of most people. I hope to hear in the future that some independent studio recounts their founding as a result of one of these way too numerous layoffs.