Super Solitaire review for Nintendo Switch

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Publisher: the binary family
Developer: the binary family
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: No

The last time I reviewed a game from the binary family was about a year and a half ago, when I wrote about Pure Crosswords. It was, exactly as its name implied, your standard crossword puzzle game. A couple of years back, I reviewed another of their games, Knowledge Trainer: Trivia. It was a no frills trivia game. Now they’re back with Super Solitaire. Want to guess what it’s about?

I’d like to say they threw us a curveball and went off in some crazy, unexpected direction, but that wouldn’t be a lie. Rather, they stayed true to form and delivered exactly what it says on the box – which is to say, it’s the same kind of solitaire game that’s come bundled with Windows PCs for the last several decades.

Actually, that’s not totally true. Whereas the Windows-bundled brand of solitaire includes variants like Spider Solitaire, Super Solitaire has just the one version of the game – the same basic game that people have been playing for centuries. It has a few extra modes, like a Daily Challenge and a Beat The Devil mode (which seems to be a little more difficult), but all of them, when you get right down to it, are the same kind of solitaire game.

The drawback of this, of course, is that not only do most people have access to plenty of other solitaire games, they have access to solitaire games that let you play some of those aforementioned variants too. In fact, a quick look at the eShop shows more than 40 other solitaire games, many of them a lot cheaper than Super Solitaire. Given all that, it’s hard to see why you should play Super Solitaire over any of them.

Mind you, that could probably be flipped to say that there’s no reason why you should play any of those other games over Super Solitaire. So, with that in mind, go for it, I guess? It’s solitaire. It works fine. You get that little thrill at the end of the games when all your cards line up and fit nearly into their little rows. It’s not going to change your life, but as timewasters go, it’s perfectly fine.

the binary family provided us with a Super Solitaire Nintendo Switch code for review purposes.

Score: 7