Cherry’s on top as Cookie Cutter reveals accolades trailer

Cherry’s not your average girl, in fact I’m pretty sure you can’t classify her as human! Created by Dr. Shinji Fallon, who initially started this project to understand the androids known as Denzels, however she found something more, specifically love. Unfortunately you can’t have nice things in the Megastructure as the duo is torn apart by the agents of the infonet and Cherry is left critically wounded. Rescued by the mechanic Raz, Cherry will now scour every part of the megastructure to get Shinji back!

Cookie Cutter is a Metroidvania style title from developer Subcult Joint LTD, published by Rogue Games. Beautifully crafted by director Stefano Guglielmana, the title even managed to make our site’s Best of 2023 List despite being released late in 2023. It seems the game has really captured the heart of our editor Benny Rose, who not only corralled editor Tyler Nethers to talk about the game on their YouTube channel, but managed to sit down with Stefano to chat about the development of the title. But enough promoting their 3rd party efforts (still waiting for the check fellas), Rogue Games released an accolades trailer for the title which features outlets such as IGN, God is Geek and even us singing the game’s praises. So with such strong critical reception, perhaps you should explore the infonet yourself and help a poor Denzel get the love of their life back!

Cookie Cutter is available now on PC, PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S.

Cookie Cutter Accolades Trailer:

Cookie Cutter Accolades Trailer