Arcade Paradise VR brings 12 new arcade machines to the Meta Quest

Kids today don’t appreciate how good they have it, all the video games they want in the comfort of their own home. But for us in the older set, we look back at a time where the only microtransactions are whether or not you have one extra quarter left from your allowance.

Wired Productions and Nosebleed Interactive’s Arcade Paradise (see our review of the flat version here) takes us back to a time where video games can only be played outside of the home. Play as Ashley, the daughter of the local laundromat who discovers arcade machines in a back room. She chooses to utilize them to provide the laundromat a new stream of revenue. Will this decision be a wash or perhaps this pivot will lead to new opportunities?

Arcade Paradise VR will bring the same gameplay you loved into virtual reality! This port will add 12 VR enhanced titles in addition with the 27 arcade machines which was included the original title. When you’re not busy being a joystick jockey, handle business in the laundromat to make sure patrons can still get their whites the whitest!

Arcade Paradise VR will be coming to Meta Quest soon.

Arcade Paradise VR screens:

Arcade Paradise VR | Gameplay Trailer:

Arcade Paradise VR | Gameplay Trailer