Subcult Joint LTD’s Stefano Guglielmana sits down with Benny Rose to talk Cookie Cutter

Game of the Year lists are a crystallization of what an outlet believes to be the cream of the crop from a calendar year, so it was quite odd amongst the titanic releases such as Spider-Man 2, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that a title which was released less than 16 days before the year ended would manage to grab the #21 spot. An indie metroidvania called Cookie Cutter (check out our review here!), the debut title from developer Subcult Joint LTD came leaping out of nowhere securing the rear of our list. So who did this title charm to secure this spot, well the answer appears to be Benny Rose!

One half of the braintrust behind Pressed for Time, Benny was so smitten with the title that it holds the distinction of being the the second title he has “Platinium’d” Sony’s platform (The first being Spider-Man 2…look no one said he was a thorough gamer.). So it was fortuitous that he was able to sit down to talk to the Director/Art Director of the title title, Stefano Guglielmana to learn about how the title came together, the future and various other topics. I’m not really gonna drone on and summarize the interview, just check out the embedded video below and give the video a view or two! When you’re done, why not check out Benny’s full thoughts on the title.

Cookie Cutter is available now on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

An Exclusive Interview with Director/Artist of Cookie Cutter, Stefano Guglielmana:

An Exclusive Interview with Director/Artist of Cookie Cutter, Stefano Guglielmana