Gear up for an Arizona Sunshine 2 Gameplay Showcase this Friday

While we patiently await the December 7th, 2023 release for the Arizona Sunshine sequel on VR platforms, Vertigo Games has scheduled an Arizona Sunshine 2 Gameplay Showcase for later this week.

We’ve liked what we’ve seen from the zombie-slaying VR experience so far, but with the release just around the corner, it’s probably the perfect time to get a deeper dive into the gameplay, features, campaign and whatnot with the development team.

Tune into the showcase this Friday, November 17th at 8:00am PT/11:00am ET on YouTube and Steam, and various other social channels.

Arizona Sunshine 2 is set to launch on PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest and Steam VR headsets soon!

Arizona Sunshine 2 Gameplay Showcase Tune In Social Video:

Arizona Sunshine 2 Gameplay Showcase Tune In Social Video

Vertigo Games today announced a Gameplay Showcase for Arizona Sunshine 2, the highly anticipated next-gen sequel to the multi-year top-selling VR action FPS, which is launching this December 7th. Fans can tune in on November 17th to get an in-depth look at fresh campaign gameplay with developer commentary, all-new game details including co-op announcements, special guest appearances, never-before-seen co-op gameplay from highlighted creators, and more.

Event Details:
Date: Friday, November 17, 2023
Time: 5PM CET / 8AM PT
Channels: YouTube (click) , Steam (click)

During the Gameplay Showcase, players can directly engage with the developers during an AMA session on Reddit: r/PSVR (click) and r/OculusQuest (click). Threads are now open for questions, which will be answered by studio representatives on Friday.

Arizona Sunshine 2 is scheduled for release on all major platforms on December 7th, 2023. Pre-orders are now available on PlayStation VR2Meta Quest and Steam VR.

Watch the recently revealed Arizona Sunshine 2 gameplay premiere here: ESRB | PEGI

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