PlayStation 5 gamers can store more titles with Seagate’s new officially licensed NVMe SSDs

With ballooning game file sizes, gamers are always struggling with storage. For PlayStation gamers, sure Sony left an expansion slot which can be filled with a third party drive, but the company rarely endorses hardware that can be used to expand your gaming experience. Well the folks at Seagate now can claim they too are officially licensed for use in Sony’s current gen console.

The Seagate Game Drive PS5 NVMe SSD will deliver read speeds of 7300 MB/s ensuring any access bottlenecks won’t be on the drive. It utilizes PCIe Gen4 to ensure 2x performance over droves using PCIe Gen3. The drive will also be packaged with a heatsink with a small footprint, making sure that gamers will have a total package when they are attempting to expand their console’s memory and won’t have to do more research seeking another component that needs to be compatible. It just makes the process a lot more convenient for both experts and laymen alike.

For those who worry about the quality, each drive comes with a limited warranty that lasts for five years, but with my previous experience with Seagate products, you’ll probably never need to file a claim. In fact it’s like you’ll probably depreciate the drive as capacities increase. However as of now the Seagate Game Drive PS5 NVMe SSD will come in 1TB and 2TB capacities, the former will cost $99.99 and the latter will run you about $149.99, both models are now available for purchase.

Seagate Game Drive PS5 NVMe SSD product shots: