Swordship delivers huge update news and trailer ahead of Nintendo eShop sale!

Swordship released in late 2022 and I think it definitely contributed to the fact that so many people *ahem*…missing the boat on this title. Well publisher Thunderful and developer Digital Kingdom is making another push to get the game in front of games. A new accolades trailer dropped showing outlets like Forbes, Eurogamer and Edge has heaped praise upon this roguelike run based action title. This drop also coincides with an announcement regarding updates which will be adding a new game mode which keeps the game in a static state for a week and changes to the progression system which hopes to let players unlock power ups via a different means. The title is also seeing a 40% discount on the Nintendo eShop which means the you can commit acts of piracy at breakneck speeds!

Swordship is available now on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Swordship – Accolades Trailer:

Swordship - Accolades Trailer

Do you know how good Swordship really is? Get it now for your favorite gaming platform!

Dodge, swerve and turn your enemies’ weapons against them as you speed across the waterways! Swordship, the action roguelike, is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC