Summer Games Done Quick rushes into Summer 2023 by raising $2.2 million during the first week of the season

Summer just started and those speed freaks at Games Done Quick have already rushed out of the gate and raised $2.2 million dollars for Doctors without Borders! Many skilled players gathered at the Hilton Minneapolis in Minnesota (A state known for it’s summer activities) and game’d quickly from May 28th to June 4th. All of the action was streamed live worldwide via the group’s Twitch Channel.

The weeklong festivities saw many highlights such as a run of Sloclap’s SIFU completed in 47 minutes, a surreal run of a title called Give Me Toilet Paper! Recently released titles also got put to the test such as Hi-Fi Rush, Chained Echos and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom . Those looking to get started on the field was also treated to an educational session on how to speedrun Bastion.

As usual if you managed to miss any of the festivities, the event is archived on the group’s YouTube Channel. However if you want to catch the organization’s next event live, set some time aside during the period of August 13-20 as the all female speedrunning event Flame Fatales will raise funds and utilize exploits to beat games quickly!

Red Bull Daily Recap #4 – Summer Games Done Quick 2023:

Red Bull Daily Recap #4 - Summer Games Done Quick 2023