Dead Cells is very alive in the sales charts as the title crosses the 10 million units sold

Entering Steam’s Early Access in 2017 was the humble beginning for Motion Twin’s rougelite title Dead Cells. As the years passed, the game milestones’ included hitting version 1.0, releasing on nearly every modern platform, receiving numerous updates both free and paid, development being handed off to a spin off studio in the form of Evil Empire. Many have traversed the ever changing unnamed island kingdom that has been brought low by a mysterious malady and now we have a rough idea of how many.

Over 10 million! Something exceedingly rare for an indie title to accrue such volume of sales, but in the course of 6 years Motion Twin and Evil Empire has done it. With constant updates and tweaks, players got to play with new biomes, enemies weapons and saw collaborations with such properties like Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight and Castlevania. All these allowed the game to garner new players as they saw the game as an extremely fulfilling experience. However that doesn’t mean the game is feature complete, as the companies expect to continue updating the title well into 2025. Looks like there’s just no rest for the Beheaded.

Dead Cells is available now on PC, Switch, mobile, PlayStation and Xbox platforms