Game Pass users get to set sail in Sea of Stars for no extra charge

At today’s Xbox Games Showcase Extended presentation we learned Game Pass users both on Xbox and PC will have another title to check out on August 29th. When Sabotage Studio’s sophomore effort Sea of Stars will be added to the service’s catalog. The game which is set in The Messenger’s universe and will put you in control of the Solstice Warriors, Valere and Zale as they go on a grand adventure to stop the being known as The Fleshmancer.

Inspired by the legendary RPG Chrono Trigger, Sea of Stars seeks to replicate the feel and combat of the RPG from the 16 bit era. The team at Sabotage event recruited Yasunori Mistuda to contribute music to the soundtrack composed by their in-house composer Eric W. Brown. Help the Solstice Warriors master their forms of magic and combine it to form something even greater…to save their world.

Sea of Stars will be available on August 29th and in addition to the Xbox and PC, it will be available on PlayStation and the Switch.

Sea of Stars | Combat in Moorlands:

Sea of Stars | Combat in Moorlands

Sea of Stars is coming to Steam, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S on August 29th!

Demo available on Nintendo Switch:

The demo will come out on other platforms later this year. You can wishlist Sea of Stars using these links to make sure you are notified!