Marvel’s Midnight Suns to launch next week on PS4, Xbox One; Switch version canned

For those patiently awaiting the last gen console version of the Marvel-themed tactical RPG Marvel’s Midnight Suns (see our review of the modern console/pc version here)… you’re in luck!  Assuming you don’t need a physical version and don’t own a Switch, since that version will now aparently “no longer be offered as part of updated plans” — which we assume means it’s canceled or in limbo.

Anyway, the release of the PS4 and Xbox One version is scheduled for May 11th, 2023 and will coincide with the fourth/final piece of content titled “Blood Storm”.

For now check out the new DLC trailer and game details.

“Blood Storm” – Storm DLC Trailer | Marvel’s Midnight Suns:

"Blood Storm" - Storm DLC Trailer | Marvel's Midnight Suns

Today, 2K and Marvel Entertainment announced that Marvel’s Midnight Suns is scheduled to launch next week on May 11, 2023 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in digital format only, with all four post-launch DLC available to purchase and play on that date. The Nintendo Switch version of Marvel’s Midnight Suns will no longer be offered as part of updated plans.

May 11 also marks the arrival of Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ fourth and final post-launch DLC – Blood Storm* – featuring Storm! Available for either standalone purchase or as part of Marvel?s Midnight Suns Season Pass (included in the Legendary Edition), each DLC brings a new recruitable hero and adds three new story missions, a new upgrade for the Abbey, and a selection of new skins and outfits for the hero. Check out a sneak peek of Storm here .

Generally regarded as one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, Storm, real name Ororo Munroe, was orphaned at a young age and taken in by a village priestess while traveling to her mother’s home in Kenya. When their village was suffering during a drought, Ororo used her newly awakening powers to summon much-needed rain to save her family.

Years later, when word of her ability to control the weather had spread, Ororo was recruited to the X-Men by Charles Xavier and took the name Storm. She went on to lead the X-Men, using her mutant abilities to help people all over the world. While searching for an endangered mutant child in New York with Wolverine, Storm meets up with Magik, who encourages her to join the Midnight Suns in Blood Storm.