This is the most important news about SEGA you’ll hear today, details inside!

Re-entry into the console space? Greenlighting another property for the big screen? Reviving and bringing Segata Sanshiro abroad to become the new mascot of the company? No, No, and NO (That last one stings?But, be brave?you can finish this article)! Instead SEGA has revealed that it is teaming up with Uncanny Brands to release a Sonic the Hedgehog Waffle maker. For those who think pancakes are too smooth, now you can have your heated batter with the visage of everyone?s favorite, totally not dead hedgehog! It also features a non-stick surface which means your waffles will come out smoothly and makes clean up nice and easy! Are you as excited about this reveal as Matthew Hoffman (totally not the pro-BMX guy), president of Uncanny Brands, who had this to say about the gadget.

?At Uncanny Brands, we love celebrating pop culture and iconic video game characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog! We can?t wait for Sonic fans to try out the waffle maker first-hand and we can?t wait to see what types of creations they make!?

This kitchen appliance is available exclusively in Dave & Buster?s prize pool which means you better get really good at skee-ball or whatever they have at those places. Man I feel bad for anyone who is gonna try to release news in the wake of this monumental announcement?good luck, other companies!

Sonic x Uncanny Brands Waffle Maker: