Street Fighter 6 Showcase shows off new gameplay details, demo, future fighters and more

Capcom has recently started to show off their blockbuster games with digital showcases. They recently did it with Resident Evil 4 and now they have shifted their focus on to its flagship fighter Street Fighter.

Thursday?s showcase of Street Fighter 6 gave us enormous amounts of details of what’s in store for this highly anticipated fighter. The 30 minute showcase hosted by Lil Wayne ran down all the features and modes of Street Fighter 6. Director Takayuki Nakayama and Producer Shuheo Matsumoto gave us a year 1 road map, as well as dropped a surprise demo for PlayStation 5 today.

World Tour:

A big part of this showcase was the World Tour mode. It looks like an open world Street Fighter RPG. The very thought of a Yakuza-esque style Street Fighter single player mode excites me. You start off at Buckler Security, located in Metro City (Main location of Final Fight) you customize your own fighter avatar. There, you will meet and interact with different characters from the Street Fighter universe. When meeting these legendary characters, they will teach you their attacks and give you a master action which can be used as you explore and traverse around the world beating down your foes.

You will progress and level up your fighter through a skill tree, which will allow you the ability to increase the amount of special moves or super arts you can use. You can buy food items and clothes that give you boosters or regain your health. You will be able to earn flight tickets that will take you around the world which will allow you to fight other legendary Street Fighter characters. Each new location will have specific item shops and specialize enemies, giving each location a special feel.

Battle Hub:

Battle Hub will be the online epicenter of the Street Fighter 6 Experience. The fighter you create in World Tour will be able to be used in Battle Hub. You have the opportunity to play different online matches or kick back and play some retro Capcom games in the arcade. Street Fighter 6 will have the ability to create online clubs. Create custom emblems and logos as you start your own Shadowloo.

Fighting Ground:

Street Fighter 6 introduces a battle damage meter to the game. As your fight continues your warrior gets more cosmetic damage such as cuts, bruises and ripped clothes. My favorite part of this showcase were the sound accessibility features shown off for Street Fighter 6.

They highlighted a few: a beeper that lets you know how far an opponent is from you(the beep gets more frequent the closer an opponent is to you), the strength of a attack, weather or not an attack is a cross up or not, and to indicate what you remaining health gauge is at. Right at the start of the game you will be met with a tutorial and teaching of the Street fighter 6 battle system.

Sound Accessibility demo:

SF6 : SoundAccesibility EN&JP

Street Fighter 6 will offer a choice between a classic 6 button layout or a more modern 4 button layout. There will also be an offline only control type AI-assisted mode called dynamic that will perform moves and combos for you. This mode is aimed for newer players of the franchise, playing their first fighting game. Think of it as a casual mode. I think it would be great for party?s or social gatherings.

Arcade Mode:

Fans of classic Street Fighter arcade modes don’t fret! Classic arcade mode is back with online scoreboards to obsess over. Each character will have illustrated intros and outro as you unlock through each playthrough. Can?t figure out who to main or start out with? Street Fighter 6 provides character guides to help guide you through arcade mode. Classic versus mode such as Team Battle and survival mode return. They are joined by an Extreme Battle which sets up special gimmicks and winning conditions, such as knocking your opponent down 5 times, while bulls rampage across the screen. These modes can be played offline and online in the Battle Hub,

Online mode:

You will have the ability to create custom rooms online. You can have up to 16 players at a time and set the cabinets up with various modes such as extreme mode or just have some fun training in the lab. Ranked mode will be a one time protection from ranking down and losing your league points. Street Fighter 6 will have character specific & random character rank modes.

Year 1 Roadmap:

Street Fighter 6 will feature 4 fighters to be released throughout year 1 of its release. Rashid will be the first releasing Summer of 2023, A.K.I in Fall of 202, Ed after the new year winter 2024, and Akuma in spring 2024. The Battle Hub will feature different events and tournaments year round. Capcom world tour will hold a One million dollar tournament during Street Fighter 6?s first year. Street Fighter 6 will release on June 2nd with multiple editions on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Steam.

Street Fighter 6 Demo:


A demo was was released on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 . It will be coming to all other platforms on April 26. You can explore the first bit of world tour and fighting ground. You may also create your avatar and carry it over to your main game.

Street Fighter 6 will release on June 2nd with multiple editions on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Steam.

Street Fighter 6 Showcase trailer:

Street Fighter 6 Showcase

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