Punch your ticket and climb aboard Honkai: Star Rail!

HoYoverse breaks the bottle to christen the maiden voyage of their latest free to play RPG Honkai: Star Rail. The studio who rose to prominence for their action RPG hopes to court fans of Sci Fi and turn based RPGs with a brand new universe that exists parallel to their other mobile IP Honkai 3rd Impact.

You play the role of the ?Trailblazer?, an artificial human implanted with the very benign sounding object named Cancer of All Worlds aka Stellaron. You will travel the galaxy on the Astral Express, meet friends and foes as you seek answers regarding the object that is implanted inside your being.

Since this title is from the creators of very profitable gacha titles, expect your newly met friends to be gated behind random summons, so you better get used to grinding for currency or just straight up opening your wallet.

It will be interesting to see if the team at HoYoverse will be able to actively support multiple titles simultaneously. The Shanghai based developer will be adding another title?the more contemporary/urban Zenless Zone Zero or ZZZ. Let?s hope the Shanghai based team isn?t spread too thin, evident by the fact that this title is only launching on PC and mobile?leaving PlayStation players to languish with an unknown launch date.

Will you take a respite from the world of Teyvat and board this train to a new galaxy of adventure? Honkai Star Rail is available now on PC, iOS and Android.

Official Release Trailer – “Interstellar Journey” | Honkai: Star Rail:

Official Release Trailer - "Interstellar Journey" | Honkai: Star Rail

Pre-installation Has Begun: https://hoyo.link/4b1WCiEd
The planet, but a station on the path,
A new age, forged with each breath.
The journey, danger more than mere dismay,
Yet stars, are an arm’s length away.