Kick high, and stomp on some AI in Ra Ra Boom!

Never underestimate the cheerleader, under that ditzy and bubbly demeanor is a nuanced and introspective young woman growing up in a complex world?and these girls will probably stomp a mudhole in you if you do! Ra Ra Boom from Gylee Games has you controlling 4 young women seeking get revenge and retake the planet Earth from a rogue AI who murdered their friend.

Aris, Saida, Ren and Vee sport their own unique arsenal and attributes, so if you want to get up close or keep your distance, there?s a girl for you. The developer looks to refine the brawler genre by adding visible lanes to the environment so there?s no ambiguity in regards to where attacks will land. It will be interesting if this addition will revolutionize the genre.

The game will sport 10 action packed levels and feature cutscenes that will explore the mindset of the girls and tackle tough issues that will make afterschool special look like a fun romp (does anyone under the age of 30 even get this reference?)!

Ra Ra Boom will come out in the Fall on PC via Steam (so far), and the game will be shown in public for the first time at the upcoming Game Developers Conference. Hopefully we?ll learn more about it then!

Ra Ra Boom screens:

Ra Ra Boom Announcement Trailer:

Ra Ra Boom Announcement Trailer

Ra Ra Boom is an eye-catching, distinctive fast-paced four-player co-op beat ?em up driven by a meaningful and emotional coming-of-age narrative about a group of ninja cheerleaders from space in a fight to save the rest of humanity on Earth.

In today?s reveal trailer, we meet the team and watch them launch into action. Each member of Ra Ra Boom?s diverse cast of playable characters ? Aris, Saida, Ren and Vee ? sports their own weapons and abilities, giving players four different, unique takes on combat. Play fast and loose as Aris with her scythe or bring the pain as Vee, who wields a shield and machine gun. Any way you play, you and your teammates will be dismantling the robotic opposition.