Heaven or Hell, Let’s Rock on Xbox as Guilty Gear -Strive- finally arrives via Game Pass!

It might be a little late for you to qualify for the Arc World Tour 2022 Finals which are taking place this weekend (and can be watched via the company?s official Twitch Channel), but now Xbox players can start practicing for next year?s event! Guilty Gear -Strive-, Arc System Works? premiere 2.5D fighting game is finally coming to the Xbox platform after nearly 2 years of being a console exclusive on the PlayStation.

The Xbox release will have parity with the other versions, which means the first and second season passes will be available when the game arrives to the Xbox. These paid DLC bundles include new stages, characters, character colors, and modes. Players won?t have to worry about finding fighters to clash with as Guilty Gear -Strive- features industry leading rollback netcode and crossplay, meaning you can take on all comers and prove that the Xbox contingent is superior!

For those who prefer to straight up own the game, there are various bundles you can buy to become the next great daredevil. The base title can be had digitally for $39.99, those who want to witness the alternate story mode and fighters such as newcomer Goldlewis Dickinson and series favorites Baiken and Testament can purchase the Season 1 bundle for $59.99. Finally for the Ultimate (for now?unless a season 3 doesn?t come) experience, get both season passes and the base title for $79.99!

Guilty Gear -Strive- is now available on Xbox, but players can also purchase it on PC and the PlayStation platform.