When batteries are depleted RiotPWR’s new iOS controller’s got your back

With the advent of Apple Arcade and increase in controller support. IOS mobile gaming is starting to inch ever closer to their homebound brethren. It also means many accessory manufacturers are scrambling to release products that will ensure their brand is closely associated with gaming to go. One such brand is RiotPWR whose Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) was given a good review, although our greatest concern was its lightning only compatibility. Well it seems that maybe RiotPWR read our review or perhaps it was a sentiment made by other outlets and users and the company is about to unleash the RiotPWR RP1950 Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS (with additional USB-C Cable). Here?s hoping there?s a snappy name on the packaging.

The RiotPWR Gaming Controller for iOS (gonna refer to it as the GCi for the rest of this article) boasts compatibility with iOS devices running iOS7 and up. It can connect to iOS devices with lightning or USB-C ports via detachable cables. RiotPWR also claims that the d-pad on the GCi is improved compared to their previous controllers (Which is quite a substantive feat given the D-pad on the Xbox Edition was quite good). Users can use the Ludu to tweak controller settings and explore compatible apps. Some of which include Microsoft xCloud, PlayStation Remote Play, Apex Legends Mobile and more. Despite it occupying the Lightning/USB-C, the controller can act as a passthrough in case you want to charge the phone or use other accessories such as the Digital AV adapter.

The RiotPWR RP1950 Cloud Gaming Controller for iOS (with additional USB-C Cable) will be available starting today at Apple.com.

RiotPWR RP1950 controller product shots:

RiotPWR, a leader in the cloud gaming controller industry, announces the launch of the RiotPWR RP1950 controller, the solution for the USB-C cloud gaming crisis for iOS users. While all of the RiotPWR iOS controllers, including the Xbox Edition (RP1950XCloud) and the ESL Gaming Controller for iOS (RP1950ESL), are capable of an upgradable connection, the RP1950 controller comes with both Lightning and USB-C cables.

“While competitors? controllers come in Lightning and USB-C variations, the design of those controllers limits users to that one connection ability. This means that iOS gamers would need to buy a brand-new controller to play on their future Apple devices such as iPads,? said Fraser Townley, CEO of RiotPWR. “RiotPWR has always made future-proofing a priority when designing our controllers with our unique swappable and upgradable connection design.?

RiotPWR controllers are designed for the optimal cloud gaming experience. RiotPWR?s full-sized console controllers allow gamers to seamlessly transition from console to mobile cloud gaming without having to adjust to a different style of play. Pass-through charging technology powers unlimited gaming, and an adjustable phone mount display accommodates any phone case, while also allowing users to adjust tilt for the optimum gaming position. The new RiotPWR RP1950 controller now also provides gamers with a seamless transition from one connection to the next without interrupting their gameplay.

The new RiotPWR RP1950 controller is available globally at Apple.com on February 14, 2023 for $69.99. For more information, visit https://riotpwr.com