Ultra Pro Wrestling tope into crowdfunding today!

If you?re not willing to prostrate yourself to the tribal chief, tired of waiting forever for an elite option, then Hyperfocus Games hopes their offering will be a game changer! The studio launched the crowdfunding campaign today for their AKI inspired wrestling title Ultra Pro Wrestling.

Their announcement trailer heavily evokes the games that lived exclusively on Nintendo?s N64 with its skewed angles and tight shots. The title hopes to feature the varied styles of pro wrestling the world has to offer, from the familiar sports entertainment style, hard hitting puroresu, the high flying acrobatics of Lucha Libre, the chaotic yet innovative Indie scene and even mixed martial arts.

Eschewing the realistic look that 2K and Yuke’s is going for, Ultra Pro Wrestling is working with artist Hector Moran and will present a more ?Toyetic” artstyle that saw prominence in Disney Infinity. My only concern is the lack of body diversity shown in the trailer as everyone shown looks like a svelte indie journeyman and sometimes you want to see ?Big Meaty Men Mashing Meat? as the poet laureate Ettore ?Big E? Ewen once jovially proclaimed!

I have high hopes for Ultra Pro Wrestling (I should be a backer by the time of this news post?s publishing) and I ask that if you?re a lapsed wrestling game fan and you want a title that evokes the memories of simpler times, check out Hyperfocus Games? Kickstarter campaign. Perhaps you?ll find your smile again!