Hogwarts Legacy leaves their mark as WB Games’ biggest launch ever!

Despite an internet campaign urging players to not purchase the title, it seems that it could not put a dent in the cultural clout that the Harry Potter IP still has. Hogwarts Legacy, the title developed by Portkey Games/Avalanche Software and published by WB Games has sold over 12 million units in the first two weeks of release (see our review here).

This is quite impressive considering WB also publishes Batman and Mortal Kombat titles. Other accolades the title has claimed included being the most viewed single player title on Twitch with 1.28 million peak concurrent viewers during launch. So if people weren?t playing the video game based on the works of the polarizing JK Rowling, they were watching people play it.

The title for the uninitiated takes place centuries before the books, placing you in the role of a 5th year student returning to the wizarding school. Attend class, make friends, explore the towns surrounding the school and uncover a plot which could disrupt the wizarding world.

The title is currently available on PC, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. It will be released on last gen platforms on April 4th and the Switch on July 25th. I?m sure those additional SKUs will surely push those unit sold numbers even higher.