Dragon Ball: The Breakers – Season 2 brings a new BADMAN!

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an interesting concept, an asymmetrical title that mostly removes the Saiyans from the spotlight. Well those resilient monkeys (as Freeza would put it) are finding their way back into this Dragon Ball title as Saiyan Saga Vegeta (Both humanoid and Great Ape form), Nappa and Saibamen are coming to the title as selectable Raider as a part of the Season 2 update that goes live today!

If you?re playing as this Raider, you?ll start as a lowly Saibamen, with the opportunity to evolve into Nappa, then Vegeta and finally this raider?s penultimate form?Great Ape Vegeta. Fans of the series would probably go?yeah that?s not how these characters work! I would retort to this statement by saying it isn’t exactly your normal Dragon Ball video game.

That said, this Season 2 update won?t leave the Survivors in a lurch, as they will be getting a plethora of new skills and skins to keep their experience interesting. New Skills such as the Instant Transmission will make reaching an ally easier, Ki Control will enable you to reduce Ki costs for other special abilities to ensure you can use them longer and more frequently. Survivors will be able to obtain new player skins which include King Furry (who is the ruler of Earth in the Dragon Ball continuity), Chi Chi, Son Goku?s poor neglected wife and finally Yajirobe, the portly samurai who takes up residence in Korin?s Tower.

Whether you?re scrambling to rebuild the time machine or hunting down survivors, these new updates will definitely mix things up in Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Season 2 begins today and the game is available on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers screens:

Dragon Ball: The Breakers ? Season 2 Launch Trailer:
DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS – Season 2 Launch Trailer

New Raiders and Survivors are coming to #DBTB and it?s going to be bananas!

Take charge as the Prince of Saiyans, where your goal is to eventually become the legendary Great Ape.

But watch your tail, Survivors (especially Yajirobe) aren?t going to give up so easily!