Displate Metal Posters review

If there are two things that go hand in hand, it?s video games and memorabilia. Collectors editions, figures, clothes, accessories, stickers, car decals, posters, you name it and you can find it. Collector culture and video game culture are tied up tighter than just about anything else, and one of the places this is capitalized on most effectively is at Displate, where they are creating high-quality metal posters of just about anything you can think of. While they don?t have a specific video game focus, they have an abundance of video game options available to fans. In addition to games, they offer posters based on films, books, and musical artists, as well as original art and various pieces based on different brands from around the world.

If you can imagine it, Displate most likely has it.

I have owned several Displate posters over the years, and when they reached out to me to see about doing a review for them I was thrilled to jump on board. Their customer service, shipping/packaging, and overall quality have always blown me away, and this was no exception. I chose a print from Lord of the Rings showcasing the moment that Gandalf faces down the Balrog on the Bridge of Khazad-d?m. It arrived carefully packed in their signature Displate box with plenty of packaging around the poster to ensure that it was not damaged or dented in transit.

One of the great things about Displate is the way you actually display the posters. Instead of sticky tack or tape or a wooden frame, each Displate comes with a magnetic mount that you simply affix to your wall, then place the poster on top to magnetically stick in place, This allows you to adjust and level the poster after it is mounted, and makes the process from box to wall a matter of moments. Then, if you follow the instructions included in your mounting guide, removal is just as easy.

The mounting kit includes a protective leaf, which prevents your magnet from becoming permanently stuck to your wall and unable to be removed without damage. Simply pull on the protective leaf and remove the magnet from the wall and throw it away. Buying a replacement set of magnets from Displate is cheap and easy, allowing your posters to come with you no matter how many times you may need to move. My very first Displate has moved with me through 3 separate houses across the country and looks as good today as it did years ago.

The metal surface of the Displate posters allows for extremely easy cleaning and dusting, and also manages to avoid fading over time or in direct sunlight in my experience, which is great. I have a few posters in my sunroom getting bombarded by gulf coast sun day in and day out and have yet to experience any fading or issues. I might not recommend that to most folks, but in my experience, it has not caused any problems.

Displate Metal Posters are the most durable and high-quality way to showcase the things you love on your walls, without breaking the bank. With a huge variety of brands, sizes, and frame options there is truly something here for everyone. After starting to collect Displate posters, there is absolutely no way to return to the more traditional paper and frame style. Displate is a brand that I am extremely proud to recommend to everyone.