Thea “Zelina Vega” Trinidad joins the Street Fighter 6 in-game commentary team in a surprising swerve!

I?ve become a bit of a fairweather wrestling fan with age, and while I?m infinitely fascinated by the industry I just don?t make time to watch the product on a weekly basis. So when the Royal Rumble, one of the WWE?s tentpole premium live events I found myself actually opening the Peacock app and tuning in. When entry #21 of the Women?s Royal Rumble made her entrance, I did that Leonardo DiCaprio pointing meme (You know, the one from Once Upon of Time in Hollywood). For you see the person who came out was none other than the fourth member of Legado Del Fantasma, the unofficial first lady of the House of Black, New York City?s own Zelina Vega.

Vega who?s always professed her love for many things pop culture and whose previous appearances in the Royal Rumble included homages to the Madara Uchiha from Naruto, Sindel from Mortal Kombat, Vega from Street Fighter came out to the packed San Antonio Alamodome in gear reminiscent of everyone?s favorite cycloptic korean sociopath, Street Fighter?s Juri Han. As she strode down the long candy cane shaped entrance way, commentator Michael Cole revealed this isn?t just an homage but a collaboration between the world leader in sports entertainment and the Osaka based video game company. She will be joining FGC announcing luminaries such as Steve ?TastySteve? Scott, James ?JChensor? Chen and more as part of Street Fighter 6?s in-game commentary team.

Street Fighter 6, the next evolution of the long-running fighting game franchise, will be featuring an in-game commentary system which will allow players at home to get the feel of taking part at actual fighting game tournaments. Players can choose between play by play or color commentators to opine on the action happening on screen. This along with new fighters, the World Tour Mode, and the Battle Hub has made the game one of the most anticipated releases of the year (So much so that people excluded from the game?s betas would outright curse god at their exclusion from the early access).

Vega?s performance at the Rumble was admirable, she got in offense which mirrored Juri?s moveset including a Super Arts-ish elimination of Xia Li (whose dreadlock?d look could easily be confused as an homage to Nicali from Street Fighter 5), but ultimately fell short when she was eliminated in brutal fashion by the recently returned Lacey Evans. Vega can be seen regularly on Friday Night Smackdown and be heard in-game starting June 2nd, 2023 when Street Fighter 6 releases worldwide on PC, Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 platforms.

Street Fighter 6 – Thea Trinidad | Real Time Commentary Feature:

Street Fighter 6 - Thea Trinidad | Real Time Commentary Feature

All hail the queen! Professional wrestling star Thea Trinidad lends her electrifying personality and voice to the Real Time Commentary Feature as a Color Commentator. Listen to her hype up the crowd when Street Fighter 6 launches on June 2, 2023!