Sunsoft revives arcade “classic” Ikki as a multiplayer rogue-like

As a kid I had a FC/NES multicart that had a plethora of games including one shooting-style game featuring farmers. I was today years old to learn that the title was called Ikki (The title screen was in Japanese and I was 7, man!). It is a game in which the Japanese peasants revolt against an out of touch ruling class.

Well today Sunsoft (Whom I?m still shocked is still around) announced a new title based on that old arcade/home console game. Ikki Unite will have you raising weapons against feudal lords once again, except this time you can be joined by up to 15 other players. Choose between 16 character types-split between 4 class types and take on the swarms looking to hinder your uprising.

I?m sure comparisons to Vampire Survivors will be plentiful, but it will be interesting to see if the multiplayer aspect will distinguish itself from that game and its many clones. Ikke Unite will come out on February 15th, 2023 on PC.

“Ikki Unite” It will be released on 2/15! This is the battle we cannot lose…!:

"Ikki Unite" It will be released on 2/15! This is the battle we cannot lose...!

That legendary “bad game” of the NES era……is back, online and “United”!
Genre: Rogue-like Action
“Can’t Ikki* with just one or two people, can ya?
Play Co-op With Up to 16 People! Now, we rise!