Now you don’t have to touch the art as Joy-Con support is added to Please, Touch the Artwork!

Thomas Waterzooi?s modern art puzzler (our review here) received a new update today which adds Joy-Con support, thus allowing the quirky title to be played in TV mode on the Nintendo Switch. Based on the artwork of Piet Mondrian, Please, Touch the Artwork offers 160 puzzles based on three art styles. The game previously had touchscreen only controls which apparently became an accessibility issue, however with today?s update, you can play it as it was originally designed or play it like a traditional video game controls.

The timing of this update is fortuitous for anyone looking to get the title on the cheap as the entire library of the game?s publisher is on sale. In Europe, Oceania and Asia, all their titles are .99 cents. In the Americas if you already own one of the publisher?s titles, any other purchases of their catalog will cost $.99 cents, otherwise each title will cost $1.99. The publisher doesn?t quite discern when this sale will end, but get in on the publisher?s very eclectic catalog while you can.