Super Kiwi 64 review for Nintendo Switch, PC

Platform: Switch
Also on: PC
Publisher: Diplodocus Games
Developer: Siactro
Medium: Digital
Players: 1
Online: No

A few years ago, we reviewed Toree 3D, a fun 3D platformer whose biggest selling point was that it was a mere 99 cents. Now those same developers, Siactro, are back with Super Kiwi 64, and it?s triple the price for one less level ? it only has eight, compared to nine for Toree 3D. How?s that for inflation?

I mean, we?re clearly not talking about breaking the bank either way. And even if Super Kiwi doesn?t offer quite the same value as Toree 3D, that?s more because Toree 3D was much too cheap ? and besides, there are far worse games in the eShop that ask for a whole lot more than Super Kiwi 64?s $3.

And, as long as you can stomach that price increase, you?ll find a game that has quite a bit in common with Toree 3D. Super Kiwi 64 is also very much a love letter to the early days of 3D platforming, all weird colours and sharp lines. Plus, of course, there?s the N64 nod right there in its name, so it?s not as if Siactro are trying to hide their influences.

Having said there, there is an argument to be made that Super Kiwi 64 may be closer in spirit to a PS1 game than an N64 title. Much like a few other PS1 homages I?ve played lately, there?s an undercurrent of weirdness running through here feels more like it calls back to some of the stranger PS1-era games. Super Kiwi 64 features odd symbols hidden in each level, and the music sounds just a little bit off-kilter. None of this represents a massive departure from the developer?s previous outings, but it?s still odd enough that you may notice it.

But even if you do, what does it matter? The bottom line is that Super Kiwi 64 is an enjoyable 3D platformer that brings its influences to mind without ever feeling like it?s just a copy-paste of older, better games. Add in a pretty decent price, and it makes Super Kiwi 64 difficult to resist.

Diplodocus Games provided us with a Super Kiwi 64 Switch code for review purposes.

Grade: B