The Game Awards reveals its 2022 Future Class

What do Forbes’ The World’s Billionaires, Time?s 30 Under 30, People?s Most Beautiful and The Game Award?s Future Class have in common? They?re all lists I?ll never be anywhere near?but self loathing aside, The Game Awards just revealed their 2022 list of people who will be part of their Future Class. A group of people in the games industry and tangential industries that will hopefully usher in a ?bright, bold and inclusive future of video games?.

In keeping with tradition, I do not recognize a majority of the names (save for Harris Foster), but my ignorance can be fixed by visiting this website featuring profiles of this list of 50 prospective gaming luminaries. The group will also be honored during The Game Awards broadcast which is set to air this Thursday December 8th, 2022 5:00pm PDT/8:00pm EDT.

The Game Awards Future Class features a diverse group of builders, thinkers and dreamers whose voices elevate and diversify the artform of gaming and whose passion makes the industry stronger. With roles ranging from game developers to founders to artists and more, this prestigious group of individuals includes:

Abbey Sherlock

Alex Dunn

Alyssa Askew

Anna C. Webster

Annie Grudeva

Ashley Poprik

Audrey Leprince

Camila Gormaz

Camille Ramseur

Chantal Ryan

Chloe Sinclair

Chris Kindred

Dora Klind?i?

Emily Pitcher

Fawzi Mesmar

Florence Smith Nicholls

Harris Foster

Indrani Ganguly

Iris Zhang

Ivan Phelan

Jade Leamcharaskul

Jay Justice

JC Lau

Jes Negr?n

Jess E. Tompkins

Jessica Cheng

Joshi Zhang

Leela Collins

Leon Y. Xiao

Maah G. Lopez

Maize Wallin

Malek Teffaha

Mary Kenney

Masao Kobayashi

Mashfiq Ahmed

May Wong

Michael Reynolds

Mik Minier

Nick Kaman

Noelle Mazurek

Paula Angela Escuadra

Rejon Taylor-Foster

Sham AlBdour

Sol S?nchez

Sophie Azlan

Stacey Jenkins

Steph McStea

Vijiay Gill

Youn?s Rabii

ZW Buckley

The Game Awards Future Class was established in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to create a space where up-and-coming, like-minded people in the games industry could connect, grow and celebrate their achievements together. The initiative is headed by Emily Bouchoc, Director of Future Class and Jessie Kuse, Internal Communications Manager. Through the program, Future Class members are invited to connect and share insights in the Future Class Discord channel, and are provided with mentorship opportunities to foster and grow their talents. There are also special Future Class projects and newsletters available to the members.