Strive to keep some of your money with these Guilty Gear -Strive- deals

If you’ve somehow held off on getting Arc System Works’ Guilty Gear -Strive-, then your patience is finally being rewarded! Starting today (tomorrow for PC), you stragglers can save up 25% off on the base game and 15% on the first season pass. The season pass is perfect for those who want to expand their Strive experience, it adds old favorites such as Baiken, Judgement, Jack-O. It also introduces newcomers such as Goldlewis Dickenson, and Happy Chaos, the character which EVO 2022 Guilty Gear -Strive- Grand Champion UMISHO utilized for her victory.

Arc is so proud of these savings that they produced a trailer for this sale…although they seem to highlight Bridget and Sin Kiske, both of whom are part of the season 2 pass, which is not on sale. Maybe next year fellas! If these savings are enough for you, better act soon before the sale ends! Guilty Gear -Strive- is currently available on PC via Steam and the PlayStation platform.

Holiday Day Sales | Guilty Gear -Strive- | Trailer:

Ring in the holidays with some Guilty Gear Strive action! Up to 25% off for a limited time on PlayStation Store and Steam!

GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Ultimate Edition – PS5 (Video Game)

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