Monster Couch and Steam brings us Tabletop Gathering 2022 on the digital storefront

The weather is getting colder and we all know there?s nothing better on a frigid day than staying in and playing board games? But what?s this? You don?t have friends and the space to spare? Well then, digital board games are certainly a viable option for you strategy minded gamers. The team at Monster Couch, makers of the avian themed board game Wingspan has teamed up with powerhouse PC storefront Steam to make digital board game discovery a little easier.

The Tabletop Gathering 2022 will be held for seven days starting today November 3rd and ending on the 10th. As part of the festivities fans should expect demos, dev streams, first looks at various digital board games and titles tangential to board games (i.e. games based on board games like Warhammer). Of course it wouldn?t be a Steam event without discounts!

Events like this, Nextfest and the plethora of events on Steam are a great way to bolster your game libraries and discover upcoming titles which might be worth investing in. If you?ve got a sick rig or you?re waiting on the delivery of a Steam Deck, I would recommend you don?t miss out on this one.