Dead Cells finally declared an Indie Game now that it features a Shovel Knight cameo!

Motion Twin refuses to move on from Dead Cells and I?m forever grateful. Roughly a year ago the rogue-like released an updated dubbed ?Everyone is Here? which featured The Beheaded finding and donning new costumes which mirrors the ?fits? (that?s what the kids say right?) of heroes from other popular indie titles. Today we?re getting another hit of the ?Everyone is Here? update with Vol 2!

Volume 2 finally corrects the exclusion that volume 1 had by finally getting the most prolific indie game cameo-er, Shovel Knight. Joining the azure digger are characters and weapons from Katana ZERO, Slay the Spire, Hotline Miami, Risk of Rain and Terraria. These aren?t just visual changes, there are actually new gameplay mechanics tied to these characters? arsenal! This update will be free, but you?re still gonna have to earn these costumes by solving the riddle posed by the Book of Clues and completing the challenges you?ll uncover.

The Everyone is Here Vol. 2 update is live today on PC and will trickle down to the other versions of the title which includes Linux, Mac, Switch, Android, iOS, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Dead Cells: Everyone is Here Vol. II – Gameplay Trailer:

Dead Cells: Everyone is Here Vol. II - Gameplay Trailer

Dead Cells is back with another indie crossover, bringing weapons, skills & skins from Terraria, Risk of Rain, Hotline Miami, Shovel Knight, Katana ZERO & Slay the Spire!

Available to download now on PC, coming soon to consoles!

Check out the complete-the-set bundle going live on Steam at 10am PST / 7pm CET on 7th November.

Get a copy on your preferred platform here –