Crunchyroll’s Hime is gonna save us from Y2K, 23 years later

Crunchyroll has already staked their claim in the field of Anime, today they set another foot in the games industry (and I don?t mean mobile gaming). Hime?s Quest, the supposedly ?lost? gaming adventure featuring the company?s mascot, Hime has been ?unearthed? and will be coming to Game Boy Color or Analogue Pocket (if you managed to get one?) via Crunchyroll?s store or Limited Run Games. From what was gleaned from the Mega64 directed trailer, the gameplay looks eerily similar to The Legend of Zelda titles from that timeframe.

If you happen to be at Anime NYC in?NYC this weekend, you can check out a demo of the title at Crunchyroll?s booth (#526). For those without a Game Boy Color fret not, you can still play the title free via browser or grab the free downloadable rom for you to use on your favorite emulator, MiSTer or even flashcart. Here?s hoping that this title does well, because I would like to see Hime on another retro console. Seriously, who doesn?t want a new Atari Jaguar title to buy in the 21st century?!? Come on Crunchyroll, make it happen!

Hime’s Quest screens:



Crunchyroll, the premiere anime brand worldwide, is announcing Hime?s Quest? 23 years late.

Pre-Order the game now!

Crunchyroll mascot Crunchyroll-Hime once went 8-bit on the most beloved gaming handheld of 1999 in an action-adventure to save the world?s electronics from Y2K. One issue, Crunchyroll didn?t exist to release it?our bad! Hime?s Quest for Game Boy Color will be available for a limited time only via pre-order beginning November 18th on the Crunchyroll Store and Limited Run Games in available territories. You can pick between Crunchyroll Orange, exclusive to the Crunchyroll store, or Limited Run Blue, exclusive to The window for pre-orders and adventure remains open until December 23rd. For fans without a Game Boy Color, Hime?s Quest will be free-to-play and download on supported browsers later this year.