Visit the greens this weekend in NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF-

Sure we?re a couple of days from Halloween and colder weather, but it?s always sunny and warm on the golf courses of NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF-. The new mobile app from COLOPL, Inc., the company behind Colopl Rune Story and sports titles Shironeko Tennis, Pro Baseball VS (APAC only). The title promises easy to understand controls while giving you the feel for golf. Select one of five characters that you can customize to your liking to play a round with friends or enter tournaments that will prove your skills to the world.

These tournaments will have stakes more than just bragging rights as the company will launch a new tournament dubbed ?The Gold Tournament? which will be a week long tournament that could net the winning 10k GJewels which is the in-game currency. Players can hit the links now as NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- is available on the IOS and Android digital storefronts.

NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- screens:

NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- Characters & Customization:

NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- Characters & Customization

NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- Club Introductions:

NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- Club Introductions

NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- Sample Match Part 1:

NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- Sample Match Part 1

NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- Swing Mechanics:

NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- Swing Mechanics

Japanese mobile publisher COLOPL, Inc. announced today that its stylistic anime golf game NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- is now available as a free download on both iOS and Android devices! The highly stylized golf title can now be downloaded from both the Apple App and Google Play store fronts and features anime-inspired characters, competitive and solo play modes, robust customization options, and more! Additionally, players can look forward to some pre-registration rewards, a dedicated Discord server has launched, and a new tournament mode will roll out in the weeks to follow!

Soon after release, a new tournament mode, The Gold Tournament, will be added to the game. In this tournament, players can work their way from the preliminary to the final rounds over the course of a week, and the first place winner will receive 10,000 GJewels (the in-game currency).

NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- combines the excitement of realistic golf action with vibrant 3D anime environments and smooth, easy-to-use controls to create a new type of golf game which brings the feeling of playing real golf to your fingertips. Players can fully customize one of five unique characters and then connect and compete with players from all over the world! With a robust selection of game modes, and customizable options and tournaments, NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF- provides a fun, competitive golf gaming experience for fans of all ages.

A series of video vignettes have been released giving players a look at the colorful characters and gameplay that await them in NEKO GOLF -Anime GOLF-: