PDP debuts modular PlayStation Controller: The Pro BFG

A year after releasing a premium Xbox controller in the form of the Gambit, PlayStation players finally get their due from professional gaming accessories brand Victrix. Today the San Diego based company announced that their newest controller will be officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The Pro BFG, sports a wide feature set which includes the ability to be used wired or wirelessly, the face panel being modular, allowing you to switch the D-Pad and analog stick or even go from a 4 face button/Analog Stick to a 6 face button configuration. The controller?s 3.5mm headphone jack supports the PS5?s 3D audio meaning you can get the highest quality sound without having to be tethered to your console.

The triggers on the controller can be customized from having a standard pull all the way to being activated on a short pull. For those who still can?t find a PlayStation 5, the controller is compatible with the PS4, PC and on PC players can utilize the Victrix Control Hub to personalize the button layout, adjust audio settings, perform updates and run diagnostics on the controller.

Despite not having a traditional looking D-Pad, the controller?s ability to go into a 6 face button mode is absolutely intriguing for someone who wants to play fighting games without having to hold a controller with a claw grip. Will the $179.99 price point be worth the enhanced ergonomics? Well players have a couple of months to decide as the Pro BFG will start shipping this December. If your answer is already Yes, then you can pre-order the controller on PDP?s website right now. (as well as Amazon of course)