HexGaming’s Ultra line seeks to bring Xbox Gamers an advantage in eSports

Constructed from OEM controllers, HexGaming turns the basic Xbox controller into the eSports Athlete?s greatest ally! With the introduction of the Ultra line, HexGaming will offer 2 options for players who seek whatever it takes to win. The HexGaming Ultra One controller features a programmable back touchpad, digital triggers that can cut the distance needed to activate to 1.5mm, and 6 in 1 moddable thumbsticks with adjustable heights.

The Ultra X goes even further with the ability to change the feel of the trigger activation from your standard smooth pull to a shortened mouse click sensation, it?s 8 in 1 moddable thumbsticks that gives you more configuration possibilities and a choice of a rubberized or non-rubberized controller surface per your personal preference. Both controllers are available directly from HexGaming or the company?s Amazon store and they start at $169.99.

HexGaming Ultra One, Ultra X controller product shots: