Fall Guys: Season Two escapes the event horizon on September 15th

Fall Guys rejuvenated its momentum in June of this year when it went free to play under the ownership of Epic Games. The move brought players both relapsed and new to fold, as well as offered many new game types including a mode where you early steal or prevent theft of candy (this mode finally help me nab the elusive 5 wins in a row trophy, thanks Sweet Thieves) as well as a mode where you try to survive while you collect parts to repair a broken satellite. Little did we know the latter was a hint of what?s to come in Season Two.

Revealed this morning, via all channels including a live action short, it looks like Mediatonic?s beans are going to the final frontier?Space. Season 2 dubbed Satellite Scramble will feature Space theme variants of classic events, utilizing new devices like Ion Thrusters, Hover Platforms and Trolleybots. Season Two will also bring with it a new season pass with plenty of costumes, kudos (free in-game currency) and show bucks (paid in-game currency). It wouldn?t be Fall Guys without collaborations with known IPs. Season Two will feature costumes from ALIENS, Star Trek and of course the most celestial IP Hatsune Miku! Better start saving to buy those show bucks!

A more detailed look at the season can be found on the game?s blog. It all starts on September 15th on Fall Guys, which is free to play and available on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Fall Guys – Space Launch:

Fall Guys - Space Launch

Fall Guys Satellite Scramble Cinematic Trailer

Fall Guys Satellite Scramble Cinematic Trailer

Fall Guys is launching a brand new season… IN SPACE! Fall Guys Satellite Scramble will be available from 15th September. Season 2 is going to see the residents of the Blunderdome leaving the relative safety of their planet for the first time. By heading to the stars, you?ll explore the wonders and challenges of the vacuum!