Terry Bogard & Mai Shiranui will start chasing the crown with the new Fatal Fury x Fall Guys collab

Can?t let Street Fighter do all the collaborations, as starting tomorrow August 4th ’til the 8th, players of the now free to play Fall Guys can obtain some Fatal Fury characters to aid in your quest to grab the Crown (or crown bits).

Fatal Fury?s perennial leading man Terry Bogard, wearing his iconic trucker hat, sleeveless vest and fingerless gloves will be joined by the heiress of the Shiranui-ryuu ninjutsu style, the ever perky Mai Shiranui as the two characters who cross over to Mediatonic?s frenetic multiplayer game show title. Costumes for the two will be available in the game?s in-game store (probably requiring show bucks, the paid currency).

Those looking for some savings can purchase a bundle which includes both costumes, a name plate, and Terry?s famous “Come?on, Come?on” taunt as an emote. Fall Guys is available on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox platforms, any purchases and progress will transfer to the various platforms as long as they are linked to an Epic Games account.