Red Hood gets the spotlight In the latest Gotham Knights trailer

Warner Brothers games have released a new trailer for WB Montreal’s Gotham Knights. The footage highlights the gameplay of the bad boy of the bat family Jason Todd, AKA The Red Hood, highlighting his hand-to-hand combat and weapons expertise. In the world of Gotham Knights, he developed mythical powers when being revived from the Lazarus Pit. Despite his challenging and troubled past with the Bat-family, he reconnects with them to save and protect Gotham after the events of Batman?s demise, due to the unifying goal of keeping the citizens of Gotham safe.

Jason Todd was murdered by the Joker in the comic arc ?A Death In The Family? via fan vote in 1988. DC comics decided to bring back Jason Todd from the dead in the pages of Batman #638 two decades later in 2005, it was met with a very divisive reaction from the comics community. However as time passed he now is a fan favorite due to his own way of meting out justice and his uneasy relationship with the Bat Family as a whole.

Gotham Knight is scheduled for release worldwide on Oct. 25, 2022, for PlayStation 5, Xbox
Series X|S and PC. Pre-orders are live now and will receive the 233 Kustom Batcycle Skin at launch, based on the vehicle?s first appearance in DC?s Detective Comics #233.

Gotham Knights – Red Hood screens:

Gotham Knights – Official Red Hood Character Trailer:

Gotham Knights - Official Red Hood Character Trailer

Red Hood?s purpose is clear: protect Gotham at all costs.

Resurrection may have changed him, but one thing is still true, Gotham City needs Red Hood. He?ll do whatever it takes to save his city. What?s the worst that could happen? He’s already been to hell and back, and he?d do it again.