Put Dungeon Munchies on your plate thanks to Serenity Forge

It seems Serenity Forge, publisher of Doki Doki Literature, has added another item to their online store menu. Developer maJAja (yes, that?s how they spell it) and publisher Chorus Worldwide has teamed up to put out the physical version of the former?s latest console release Dungeon Munchies onto Serenity Forge?s store as well as retailers everywhere. Dungeon Munchies cooks up the tale of a man resurrected as a Jiangshi (that?s a Chinese vampire), he has to gather, cook, consume and fight his way out of the underground facility he finds himself in. Each dish that you concoct using ingredients found off the corpses of the creatures you slay will grant you various boons.


With a stomach capacity which can let you pack in seven dishes, the gameplay possibilities are plentiful. The game?s physical edition will come in two flavors. For those who want a small bite, the regular edition will come with the physical game (d?uh), double sided poster, a sticker sheet and a code to download the game?s soundtrack. If you feel you want the full course, the collector?s edition will include all the contents of the standard edition as well as a metallic print of Simmer, the necro-chef who set your adventure in motion, an acrylic standee, 3 acrylic charms, and a notepad.

Regardless of your selection, it will ship October 28th, the game however is currently available digitally on PC and the Switch.

Dungeon Munchies Physical Editions Reveal Trailer:

Dungeon Munchies Physical Editions Reveal Trailer

We are collaborating with Chorus Worldwide to bring the complete Dungeon Munchies experience to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. We have crafted two Premium Physical Editions (Standard & Collector?s) for both novices and experts in Magical Cuisine.

After being resurrected by the undead Necro-Chef, Simmer, you must defeat all manner of enemies to harvest ingredients used in recipes that grant you unique power ups and devastating weapons. Fight, cook, and survive to make your way out of a mysterious and sprawling underground facility.