Sonic Central 6/7/22 event recap

Off the heels of box office domination, SEGA offered a glimpse of what?s next for their blue hedgehog mascot in a 15 minute showcase hosted by Sonic Team?s Chief Brand Officer and SVP Sega of America, Inc., Ivo Gerscovich, along with the head of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka. Before rattling off the various cross media efforts, the first item shown was in fact a video game compilation. Sonic Origins will be a collection of Sonic?s 16bit adventures and will be remastered for modern consoles with a healthy dose of archival content. For those who need these old titles with a fresh coat of paint, you can buy them again on Sonic?s birthday June 23rd.

Roblox, a platform which from what I?ve been told is extremely popular will be getting collaboration content featuring Sonic. Sonic Speed Simulator will allow Roblox fans an opportunity to speed through courses just like the azure hedgehog. Apparently fans of raising Chao, those little rain drop-like creatures who debuted in the Sonic Adventures titles can redeem a special code ?Sonic Central? to get an Amy Rose Chao.

Old games get some love, as Sonic Forces and the mobile title Sonic Dash/Sonic Dash+ will be getting some new content. Mephiles the Dark will make his presence felt on Halloween and Super Shadow will arrive in Sonic Forces in November. The Arthurian iteration of Blaze the Cat, Sir Percival will make his presence known in the mobile endless runner.

Netflix will play host to Sonic Prime , a new animated series from WildBrain whose previous animated works include Johnny Test, Carmen Sandiego and The Snoopy Show. The short teaser shows a non-blue blur speeding through a Green Hills Zone-ish environment. Once the figure stops it is revealed that the speedster was in fact?Shadow the Hedgehog. No release details were provided as to when the series will hit the streaming platform. Next Ben Schwartz, the voice of Sonic in the movies promoted the home release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 , touting the extras such as deleted scenes, behind the scenes featurettes and even a new short that takes place after the movie featuring the trio of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. It is available digital now and a Blu-ray will be available August 9th.

Merchandise, merchandise and merchandise is the next portion of the showcase as we see the variety of licensed goods coming out for you to spend your hard earned cash for. From the pricey statues for First 4 Figures to the more affordable Sonic controller caddy from EXG, there?s plenty of options for fans of varying economic status. Consumable goods including a Knuckles themed G-fuel and Pez featuring dispensers with the heads of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are coming soon (Sadly Sonic the Hedgehog curry remains stuck abroad in Japan).

Perhaps taking a clue from Square Enix and their line of popular orchestral events, the Sonic Symphony will be taking their act on the road. Details are nascent, but it is confirmed they will make a stop at the Brazil Game Show in October.

Fall Guys and Sonic collaborated before when the first Sonic Movie was released and now they?re running it back as players will be able to purchase Sonic and Knuckles costumes to adorn their own little bean in August a little over a month since Fall Guys would?ve gone free to play. So if you missed out the first time, start collecting those kudos cause you won?t be spending crowns for these SEGA themed costumes.

Finally a brief glimpse of the future as the showcase seeks to show a smidge of the new frontier? Sonic Frontiers to be exact. To celebrate the game?s impending release an animated prologue was commissioned and Sonic Central showed a teaser for it, noting that the full prologue will be released closer to the game?s release. Also we saw a short montage of gameplay, but for those who want a bigger taste, they?ll have to go to IGN, as the game will be the focus of June?s IGN First . Hopefully this fleshed out look will calm Sonic fans nerves as Sonic gets his Breath of the Wild moment.

With that Sonic Central for 6/7/22 was complete. Given it?s a showcase for one singular franchise, it had to make sure there was content for everyone and I would say it was an admirable effort. I will commend SEGA for still supporting a title which was released nearly 5 years ago and let?s hope Sonic continues his forward momentum!

Sonic Central ? June 7th, 2022:

Sonic Central – June 7th, 2022

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