Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration Broadcast recap

Square Enix has been in the news for the weirdest reasons recently, first eschewing Western Studios and making a proclamation to invest in NFT tech, giving fans cause to be wary of the company?s future. But like any abusive relationship, the abuser just needs to whisper sweet nothings and the abused will come crawling back. Well at today?s Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary looks like those sweet nothings was the duo of announcement dropped in the 15 minute presentation.

The presentation starts with the revelation that the Epic Games Store exclusivity of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade would be coming to an end and the title would be coming to Steam tomorrow on June 17th, 2022. We are then greeted by Yoshinori Kitase, Brand Manager for Final Fantasy/Executive Producer of all things Final Fantasy VII who drew the short straw and had to stand in front of the green screen for this one. He reiterated that the Steam version of the title will run on Steam?s portable device, the Steam Deck.

Next we are treated to the various merchandise we will be able to purchase. Leading the pack is the cool, but pricey Buster Sword digital clock, which retails for $199.99. Figures from the Play Arts Kai and Static Arts are shown next with new figures of Roche from FFVII Remake. Bangles and bracelets will also be offered if wearing your fandom is your preferred method of expression. The final piece of merch highlighted is the Final Fantasy VII Compilation vinyl featuring character theme music. All the goods shown can be pre-ordered at the following page on the Square Enix Store.

Mobile games are highlighted next, first being Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier, which recently kicked off it?s 3rd Season dubbed ?The Highway Star?. The second mobile title, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will retell the various FFVII titles on mobile platforms. The title will offer a closed beta later in the year.

And now the one two punch which will undo all the bad PR that Square Enix garnered in the recent months. First is the remake of the PSP FFVII side story, Crisis Core. Crisis Core Final Fantasy Reunion will enable a new crop of gamers to learn the story of Zack Faire, the person who shaped Cloud Strife into the man we know and love. The title is scheduled to come out to all platforms (even the ones which didn?t get FFVII Remake) Winter 2022.

The second part of the FFVII remake is finally revealed in a cinematic trailer which poses questions such as ?What will become of the planet??, ?What is Sephiroth?s endgame?? and the biggest query ?What is fact and what is fiction??. The trailer crescendos with a shot of Zack assisting a wounded cloud and we learn the 2nd part will be called Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth and it will be coming out ?next Winter? only on the PlayStation 5. Kitase returns to remind the audience that the remake project will consist of 3 titles and the team is working hard to ensure players will enjoy the results and the presentation concludes.

I really wished that Square had as much reverence to other entries of Final Fantasy, but to be fair VII is the one that help push the series into the mainstream. Intergrade making it to Steam made sense to finally get that audience that stubbornly refused to utilize the Epic Game Store. I certainly missed the boat on First Soldier, and Ever Crisis seems like a great entry point for fans to dip into the series. Crisis Core Reunion and Rebirth will definitely be high on many people?s wishlist. So bravo to Square Enix on producing an extremely strong showcase based on just a singular game that came out way back in 1997 and let?s hope they put just as much effort in two years when Final Fantasy VI turns 30.

FINAL FANTASY VII 25th Anniversary Celebration:

FINAL FANTASY VII 25th Anniversary Celebration

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