Uncle Death gets hands on with Deathverse: Let it Die in this dev diary finale!

Tetraphobia is the irrational fear of the #4, it?s a rather common occurrence in Asian countries because the pronunciation of the word four sounds more or less the same as the pronunciation of the word death. So it?s quite apropos that the Deathverse: Let it Die dev diary ends on its 4th entry. But what an entry it was, as we finally got to see some actual gameplay of the arena based action title set in the universe of Let it Die. Director Shin got series host Uncle Death to sit down and go through the tutorial as well as a match in this upcoming online arena brawler. We learned that player health is tied to the amount of ?voltage? they have and it can be charged by consuming mushrooms or dealing damage to opponents in the field.

Players can also utilize the probe unit known as a ?Wilson? to fire bullets or form a defensive shield to survive this deadly television competition. Sadly Uncle Death couldn?t hack it on the video?but clearly he kept playing after the cameras stopped rolling and was never seen again. While Uncle Death’s disappearance is a concern, there will be a major announcement coming next week. Will we finally get a release date? Does this mean there?s one more dev diary? I guess we?ll find out next week!




Dev Diary #4 for DEATHVERSE: LET IT DIE is now available! In this episode, we’re playing DEATHVERSE with super special Shin-san commentary!

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