Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards come to IMAX Theaters

Killing E3 wasn’t enough for Geoff Keighley (although in my heart I know the real killer of E3 is our very own Benny Rose!), now he’s gonna as the kids say “stunt on em” as it was revealed today that Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards will air live in IMAX Theaters nationwide. As someone who actually went to a movie theater to watch a Sony E3 press conference (all the way back in 2016) there is something to watching these showcases with a live crowd, getting instant feedback when something earthshattering gets announced and short of getting a D-Box/4DX, I can’t imagine any other way to watch in the highest fidelity.

Summer Games Fest Live will air on June 9th and tickets for that will be available on May 12th. The Game Awards is set for a December air date and tickets for that will be announced at a later date. So will you go to your local IMAX theater to see what’s next for gaming or are you content to slum it on your couch at home, I think the answer is quite obvious…

LIVE IN IMAX! Summer Game Fest & The Game Awards:

For the first-time ever, both SUMMER GAME FEST LIVE! and THE GAME AWARDS will stream to fans in participating IMAX Live theaters across the US.