Plan your Summer Games Done Quickly 2022 now as the schedule has been announced

The Summer Games Done Quick 2022 schedule has been officially been released on their website and you?ve got plenty of time to plan which runs you will watch when the event goes live June 26th to July 3rd as it returns to being an in person event, held at the DoubleTree Hilton Bloomington-Minneapolis Hotel in Bloomington, MN.

As with previous events, those who can?t attend in person can view any runs either live or via VOD on the event?s official Twitch channel. The event?s charity of choice will be Doctors without Borders and 100% of donations made during the event will go directly to them.

The list of games that will be run will include event mainstays like Mario 64, Ninja Gaiden as well as titles which were released this year such as Tunic, Infernax and even Elden Ring. How quickly will runners catalystz and HYP3RSOMNIAC traverse the Lands Between, find out when Summer Games Done Quick 2022 broadcasts on June 26th through July 3rd.