Neon Doctrine 8th Anniversary Showcase wrap-up

Based out of Taipei, Taiwan, Neon Doctrine has been publishing indie titles such as SINNER: Sacrifice for Redemption, the Simulacra series since 2014. On Saturday the publisher released a new direct-like video, hosted by co-founder Solmon Temwowo giving fans a glimpse of what?s to come from the indie publisher.

Starting with some housekeeping on titles which are already out we found out that Lamentum will be receiving a demo on all platforms which it is available on so players on the fence can get a taste before committing to a possible purchase. The Legend of Tian Ding, the historical Metroidvania from developer Creative Games and Computer Graphics Corporation will be coming to PlayStation and Xbox platforms and will be receiving a boss rush mode DLC as well as a physical edition.

My Lovely Wife, the sequel to the occult raising sim, My Lovely Daughter will be coming out in June. Owners of My Lovely Daughter will receive a loyalty discount towards the purchase of the sequel. We also saw a teaser trailer for Simulacra 3, a modern horror title featuring live action footage. Fans unfamiliar with the series will be able to purchase all 3 titles as a bundle and owners of the previous title will receive a loyalty discount towards the purchase of the third entry in the series. Yuppie Psycho, the horror title taking place in a modern corporation will be receiving a PlayStation and Xbox port along with a physical edition. Also for those who want a Mr. Devil to hug and squeeze, a crowdfunding campaign has been started to make those dreams come true.

Coffee Addict Studio, the developer of Blade and Bones will have its newest work published under the Neon Doctrine banner. In Hazel Sky, Shane must overcome trials to become an engineer or risk banshipment. As he strikes up a friendship with another fellow trainee, Shane might come to the realization that perhaps what he thought was his destiny, really isn?t. Finally The Library of Babel: Stealth Platform Journey is a title that draws inspiration from the short story of the same name from Argentine author Jorge Luis Borjes. Take the role of Ludovik as he seeks to solve a murder in a world occupied solely by robots.

Solomon closes the presentation by announcing a series of contests, one which could see one lucky viewer receive a Nintendo Switch OLED model, another will reward 3 participants with an upcoming title from their catalog. However in order to participate, you will need to join the company?s Discord. May the Neon Doctrine glow brighter with each passing year!

Neon Doctrine 8th Anniversary Direct:

Neon Doctrine 8th Anniversary Direct

Tune in on the 14th of May for the full event, reveals, and prizes!