Learn more about Saints Row’s customization on April 20th

Saints Row has historically put your character?s look in your hands and as the series got wilder and wilder with each iteration it looks like the reboot will let you do more than just change your player?s looks. On April 20th at 3pm EST/12pm PST, the team at Volition will be hosting a showcase of the types of customization you can do in the reboot of the venerated open world series.

Hosted by Mica Burton, we?ll get to see how you can personalize your Saints Row experience from your player?s looks, to the ride they roll in, and even the weapons you?ll be wreaking mayhem in Santo Ileso with. So expect a lot of wild options and hopefully a lot of purple. You can catch the showcase on publisher Deep Silver?s Twitch and YouTube Channel. Will you be tuning in?

Publisher Deep Silver along with developer Volition today announced that Saints Row?s best-in-class customization suite will be showcased in an incredible premiere featuring a trailer, interviews, and insider information on April 20, 2022.

The extensive showcase, starring key members from Volition and hosted by actor Mica Burton, will air on Deep Silver?s Twitch www.twitch.tv/deepsilver and YouTube www.youtube.com/deepsilverofficial channels starting at 12:00 pm PDT on April 20.

Player choice and customization have always been core pillars of the Saints Row series, and next week?s showcase will highlight how this newest entry not only continues this tradition, but also brings it to new heights. Volition has removed the boundaries of gender and restrictions for players ? put anything on without limits or rules. Saints Row also brings weapon and vehicle customization to the forefront with a slew of never-before-seen options. Ultimately, in Saints Row, player choice comes first.

Set in the fictional vibrant city of Santo Ileso, Saints Row is a complete reboot of the series and combines all the action, crime, and humor you?d expect from the series into one over-the-top, wingsuit-enabled package. The game?s extensive customization suite is Volition?s most powerful toolset to date and is best in class. How your Boss looks as you take over the city?s criminal underbelly is entirely up to you.

Saints Row will launch August 23, 2022, on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Pre-order the game on your preferred platform now: SaintsRow.com/preorder

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