Infiltration successful, Deathverse: LET IT DIE behind the scenes is live

Since it was announced abruptly at a PlayStation State of Play, players (aka me) have been chomping at the bit for more details of the game bearing the ?Let it Die? moniker. Thankfully everyone?s favorite skeletal kouhai finally hooked us up! Uncle Death infiltrated (with a keycard) no less to infiltrate the offices of Supertrick Games to give us the deets on the game. After showing us THE Let it Die server (totally not a fridge) and helping himself to some free snacks (totally not free), he managed to corner director Hideyuki Shin (sporting a grizzly pandemic beard) and sat down with the director to talk about the new studio and their first full endeavor.

While not much new gameplay is shown we did learn a little bit about the studio, a group of ex-Grasshopper Manufacture employees who decided to stick with GungHo post-Tencent acquisition, We also learned Deathverse is in the same universe as Let it Die, but not explicitly Let it Die 2. The video is worth a watch and it is available on the Let it Die YouTube Channel. Currently there is no Deathverse release date set, but we?ll have details as it?s revealed.



Hey Senpai! Not much news on DEATHVERSE: LET IT DIE, am I right…?
Heard you’ve been dying for more info, so I decided to infiltrate SUPERTRICK GAMES’ office and forced Director Shin to spill some stuff!
This is only the first video so don’t worry, I’ll get something even better next time!

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